Setsubun (節分) 2020!

Setsubun (節分) is the day before the beginning of spring in Japan. The event takes place on February 3rd every year. This year already feels like the beginning of Spring to be honest – very mild and even up to 17C where we are. Okinawa had 27C last week!

According to the Japanese lunar calendar, this is the last day before spring starts (although it’s still very cold in most parts!). On this day, it is said that the spirit world is the closest to the real world, and as such strange events and “demons” may appear.


To ward against such evil, families throw soy beans at one family member who wears a demon mask to scare them away. People also eat their age in soy beans plus one for good luck, and eat a long uncut maki sushi rolls wrapped in seaweed while facing a certain direction. While throwing the beans, people will say “oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi!” – “demon out, happiness in!”

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Happy Setsubun 2020 from Japan!

Sapporo Snow Festival 2020

All of you from the Northern Hemisphere are more than aware that winter is here right now! So why not celebrate?

The most northern island of Japan (Hokkaido) is covered with snow for longer periods of time during winter and its main city of Sapporo hosts annual snow festival: the world’s greatest winter wonderland.

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This year the festival will be held from 31st January (today!) to 11th February and boasts wonderful ice and snow sculptures from artists from around the world.


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More than 2 million people flock north to attend the festival every year and possibly catch some skiing or snowboarding nearby in what is considered one of the best places in the world for the sports.

Finally, the luck 2 million that are coming to the festival should definitely try some of the local seafood as it is considered some of the best in Japan. One of the best things to try is Uni which is Sea Urchin in English. It looks gross, but it is a really delicious seafood that should not be missed.

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James May vs. Japanese Snacks!

Who doesn’t love James May and the other Top Gear guys? Actually, that may be a controversial topic but we thought that this short video of him trying Japanese snacks may interest you.

James May has a new show on Amazon Prime where he travels around the country trying to experience it in his own unique and often miserable way (how British! (joke)).

This short video is him trying Japanese snacks and only 3.46 so great if you have a few minutes spare.


A quick arigatou to subscribers…

This is just a quick post to say thanks for your continued support with Taste Japan and to wish you all a happy and successful 2020. This year will be a big one for Japan with the Tokyo Olympics coming up in the summer – are any of you planning to attend any events?

We are in our sixth year now and are still enjoying sourcing delicious Japanese snacks to send to you guys who are dotted around the world.

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Thank you and please keep enjoying your tasty treats from the Land of the Rising Sun!

開けましたおめでとうございます!Happy New Year from Japan!

Happy New Year all the way from Japan! Have a great New Year period!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Have a great day with family and friends wherever you may be! Enjoy!

Shichi-go-san and the Japanese Crane

Does anyone remember ‘Mameshiba’?

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Their cute catchphrase was ‘ねぇ知っている?’ (ne shittiru?)  or ‘hey, did you know?’….
Maybe you don’t know the link between shichi-go-san,

  • Chitose Ame (千歳飴), literally “thousand year candy”, is given to children on Shichi-Go-San.
  • Chitose Ame is long, thin, red and white candy, which symbolizes healthy growth and longevity.
  • It is given in a bag decorated with a crane and a turtle, which represent long life in Japan.

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  • The Crane may conceivably be the oldest bird on earth; there is fossil proof that they existed over 60 million years ago.
  • In origami, it is said that a thousand folded paper cranes, one for each year of its life, makes a wish come true.
  • The Japanese Crane, which stands almost five feet tall, with a wing span of more than six feet is possibly the most majestic of all cranes.
  • November 15th is considered the luckiest day of the year, not only according to the traditional Japanese calendar, but also according to yin and yang.