Extended Snack Information for Jan / Feb 2019

Boxes were sent out yesterday and here’s this months’ exclusive snack write-up for those of you receiving your boxes in the next few weeks!

As usual, use the password from the included newsletter to access a whole bunch of interesting information regarding the included snacks at the link below.

Read on and enjoy!


Malc & Rich

Taste Japan


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all the way from Japan! Have a great New Year period!

Extended Snack Information – December / January 2019 box


Boxes were sent a little earlier this month and should be arriving from early-mid January onwards to account for the Christmas post rush.

Here’s this month’s extra snack information that can be viewed by entering your password from the included flyer!


Have a great Christmas and New Year folks,

Malc & Rich,

Taste Japan

Happy Christmas from Japan!

Have a great day with family and friends wherever you may be! Enjoy!

Extended Snack Info – Nov /Dec 2018 – Christmas Box

Here’s this month’s extended write-up for all those of you who have already received and opened the Christmas box for November / December 2018. Enter your password from the included flyer below, get your snacks ready and read on!


Have a great Christmas and New Year folks,

Malc & Rich

Taste Japan



Extended Snack Information – October / November 2018

Sorry for the delay with this one folks, we’ve had a few technichal issues!

Here’s this month’s snack information! Enter your password from the newsletter included in the October / November box below and read on.


Best regards,

Malc & Rich

Taste Japan

Happy Pocky Day!!!

Happy Pocky Day everyone!

What is Pocky Day?

Pocky & Pretz Day (ポッキー&プリッツの日) is a Japanese marketing event that occurs on November 11th each year.

The Glico products Pocky and Pretz, which are both long, thin biscuits, are used to represent the repeated number 1 in the numerical date (i.e. the 11th day of the 11th month).

Glico has deployed an advertising campaign surrounding the date each year since 1999 and have even set multiple world records in the process.

Get down to your nearest Asian supermarket and grab some to celebrate!