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James May vs. Japanese Snacks!

Who doesn’t love James May and the other Top Gear guys? Actually, that may be a controversial topic but we thought that this short video of him trying Japanese snacks may interest you.

James May has a new show on Amazon Prime where he travels around the country trying to experience it in his own unique and often miserable way (how British! (joke)).

This short video is him trying Japanese snacks and only 3.46 so great if you have a few minutes spare.


A quick arigatou to subscribers…

This is just a quick post to say thanks for your continued support with Taste Japan and to wish you all a happy and successful 2020. This year will be a big one for Japan with the Tokyo Olympics coming up in the summer – are any of you planning to attend any events?

We are in our sixth year now and are still enjoying sourcing delicious Japanese snacks to send to you guys who are dotted around the world.

We are sending boxes to many locations throughout the world but mainly to the UK & Ireland which has always been our number one destination due to our billing. The USA and Canada still command a fair few, with mentions going to the Scandinavian countries, Serbia, Australia and even Peru (you know who you are!).

Some of you guys have been with us from the start and new subscribers joining all the time – we’d just like to say thanks!

As always, if you have any feedback about the boxes, please let us know at – we’re always interested in hearing your opinions on how to improve our boxes and this kind of feedback really helps when sourcing new stuff to include in future editions.

Thank you and please keep enjoying your tasty treats from the Land of the Rising Sun!

開けましたおめでとうございます!Happy New Year from Japan!

Happy New Year all the way from Japan! Have a great New Year period!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Have a great day with family and friends wherever you may be! Enjoy!

Shichi-go-san and the Japanese Crane

Does anyone remember ‘Mameshiba’?

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Their cute catchphrase was ‘ねぇ知っている?’ (ne shittiru?)  or ‘hey, did you know?’….
Maybe you don’t know the link between shichi-go-san,

  • Chitose Ame (千歳飴), literally “thousand year candy”, is given to children on Shichi-Go-San.
  • Chitose Ame is long, thin, red and white candy, which symbolizes healthy growth and longevity.
  • It is given in a bag decorated with a crane and a turtle, which represent long life in Japan.

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  • The Crane may conceivably be the oldest bird on earth; there is fossil proof that they existed over 60 million years ago.
  • In origami, it is said that a thousand folded paper cranes, one for each year of its life, makes a wish come true.
  • The Japanese Crane, which stands almost five feet tall, with a wing span of more than six feet is possibly the most majestic of all cranes.
  • November 15th is considered the luckiest day of the year, not only according to the traditional Japanese calendar, but also according to yin and yang.

Shichi-go-san – November 15th

Shichigosan, literally “7-5-3”, is a rite of passage in Japan for children. It’s celebrated in November at different ages for boys and girls: Boys – 3 & 5 years of age, Girls – 3 & 7 years of age.

Three common explanations are given for why these ages are celebrated. The first is that these numbers are simply considered lucky years according to Japanese numerology.

The second is that these were traditionally the ages that children were given a kimono. Kimono are expensive and buying one for a child was considered a milestone on the road to adulthood.

The third explanation is that children were once expected to have their heads shaven until the age of three. Shichigosan was a day to celebrate the day a child could begin to grow their hair.

In modern times, most parents in Japan consider Shichigosan a generally auspicious day for children. It’s a day to wish for their health and happiness. Children are given good luck charms and a special type of candy that symbolizes health, growth and longevity. It’s also common for families to have their photo taken at a photo studio around this time.

Happy Pocky Day 2019!

Happy Pocky Day everyone!

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What is Pocky Day?

Pocky & Pretz Day (ポッキー&プリッツの日) is a Japanese marketing event that occurs on November 11th each year.

The Glico products Pocky and Pretz, which are both long, thin biscuits, are used to represent the repeated number 1 in the numerical date (i.e. the 11th day of the 11th month).

Glico has deployed an advertising campaign surrounding the date each year since 1999 and have even set multiple world records in the process.