Happy International Sushi Day!

Happy Sushi Day everyone!

June, 18th 2019 marks the day that this great dish is celebrated around the world! Why not go out and grab some from your local supermarket or try to make your own – it is not actually that difficult – Trust us!

Fun Fact (we also didn’t know) – Apparently, the first sushi wasn’t invented by the Japanese as everyone believes, it actually originated in Southeast Asia.

Locals developed the a type of sushi, which consisted of fish wrapped in souring, fermenting rice. The dish then spread northwards to southern China before heading across the East China Sea  before reaching its final destination of Japan.

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Vocabulary to remember:

Sushi (寿司 – Sushi)
Fish (魚 – Sakana)
Japan (日本 – Nihon)
Southeast Asia (東南アジア -Tounan Ajia)
China (中国 – Chuugoku)
East China Sea (東シナ海 – Higashi Shinakai)