Winter survival – quick and easy vocabulary to remember…

With winter on the way we thought we’d let you know a few Japanese words that can help you in surviving! We know a few of our subscribers are studying Japanese, so every little helps.

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 ふゆ (Fuyu) – Winter

さむい (Samui) – Cold

こたつ (Kotatsu) – A Japanese table heater. Traditionally people would sit down with their legs under one of these to keep warm.

ゆき (Yuki) – Snow

おおゆき (Ooyuki) – Heavy Snow

こおり (Koori) – Ice

ストーブ (Sutobu) –  A Fireplace / Heater

クジラ (Kujira) – Whale

ゆきだるま (Yukidaruma) – Snowman

しも (Shimo) – Frost

てぶくろ (Tebukuro) – Gloves

マフラー (Mafuraa) – Scarf

Good luck and keep trying to build your vocabulary!