Japanese Christmas

On Christmas Day in Japan, after a family-sized bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (turkey isn’t widely available here, and KFC has taken up the reigns as the next best go-to Christmas meal), couples, kids and families will gather around the dinner table for a slice of Christmas cake.

Not the type of rich, dry fruit and rum-laden Christmas cakes that we’re used to in the west, but a light and fluffy sponge cake decorated with strawberries and whipped cream. Actually, the ‘shortcake’ emoji on most smartphones [🍰] is in fact Japanese Christmas cake.


Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, so some schools and businesses are (unfortunately) open for business and usual on December 25th. Parties are held for younger kids though, and couples go on romantic dates.

The Christmas lights decorating major cities are also mighty impressive. Merry Xmas!