A quick update…

Hi everyone,

We thought we’d write a quick update about what’s been going on over here…

Apart from having a friend over to climb Mt. Fuji and a Wedding Ceremony to attend, we’ve been mainly going to our day jobs and trying to streamline our Taste Japan operation. We’ve updated a few things to make the up-keep and ordering smoother which has been a welcome improvement!

Recently we’ve not included a great deal of chocolate in the boxes due to the extreme heat we’ve been having over here in Japan – above 35C almost everyday this summer. In some places pretty close to us, temperatures have even reached 39C! We’ll get back to including more chocolatey snacks when it cools down a bit in Autumn.

Regarding your boxes, we are thinking about offering a tracking service due to problems with delivery in South America although it’s still in the idea stage. We anticipate tracking would cost an extra £3.50 GBP per box should you be interested. Perhaps email us for more details or to request it on upcoming boxes.

Finally – Enjoy Summer/Winter wherever you may be in the world!