Destinations of Taste Japan

Evening all! Hope everyone is well!

We’ve been busy packing boxes ready for dispatch today so thought we’d write a quick post.

It has been an interesting month for us with lots of new subscribers (thank you!) and many scouting trips to find some great goodies – we feel you guys will be happy with this month’s contents!

One thing that has been really interesting for us is where our subscribers and site views come from. In terms of actual sign ups, Taste Japan subscribers so far tend to come from English speaking nations (for obvious reasons) and Scandinavia. It is interesting how Japan and Japanese food/culture transcends borders…

In terms of website hits, we’ve had visits from all corners of the world from India to Lithuania, Guam to Mauritius, Venezuela to Philippines, etc. The list goes on. We’ve had visitors from 42 unique countries already! We hope this trend can continue in the future!

Boxes will be sent towards the end of the month and should arrive in 1-3 weeks. Sit tight!