July’s Box – Takoyaki Store

For those of you who received July’s box of goodies, you will have found a rather confusing packet of plastic and mysterious sachets in the shape of this:


What do I do with this?! You may ask….

This is たこやきやさん(takoyakiyasan), a do-it-yourself style gummy candy that takes the shape of a very popular Osaka based food called “Takoyaki”. For those of you unfamiliar with takoyaki, it is a kind of circular ball shaped dumpling made from batter, with small pieces of chopped octopus inside. it is usually served at festivals, on the streets of Osaka and in specialist restaurants . Kind of like a walk-and-eat snack food to be enjoyed with friends.


A batch of freshly made takoyaki, topped with mayonaise, takoyaki sauce, green onion and katsobushi (fish flakes) – delicious!


Takoyaki cooks hard at work

Inside the たこ焼きやさん candy you will find a few plastic sachets and ingredients to make your very own edible candy based version of the popular Osaka “soul food”. For detailed instructions on how to “assemble” your own takoyaki, please refer to this delightfully cheerful instructional video on youtube:

It may not taste exactly like the real thing, but it still provides a sweet gummy candy taste that you can make all by yourself! Have fun!

For more information about takoyaki: