We’re up and running!

Hi all,

It has taken some fine tuning, but we are pleased to say that we are now ready to take orders for our new subscription box delivered directly from Japan! We truly believe that our box will be an enjoyable experience for all customers at a very reasonable price!

In the past week or so we have been doing many things including; purchasing boxes, deciding on our first shipping list for July’s box, tweaking the site, etc.

We have decided to allow potential customers to purchase their boxes via Moon Clerk which is a young company that will one day be a big player with some luck and support from businesses both big & small. We decided upon them after much deliberation as they allow the back end of our site (taking subscriptions) to run in a smooth and easy manner, which means our operation will hopefully be mistake free! 

We are also considering giving the option of paying via PayPal as it is such a big player – if any of you who stumble across this post have any opinions, we would really appreciate a comment or email. 🙂

That is about all for this post, so until next time – over and out!!!